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Code Behind Beauty

... is our digital talent.

DOUGLAS is a company known for selling cosmetics and beauty products through retail and dotcom.

But we are also a digital company that focuses on e-commerce, data and innovation. We have an amazing team of diverse and talented people working hard everyday.

Portrait of Lone Reichert 1
Portrait of Philip Koller 1
Our digital talents master top-notch technologies, push innovations and accelerate performance. They build all the cutting-edge digital features to make the beautiful possible for our customers. This is where our successful digital business is emerging from. That‘s why for us, the most valuable asset are our people. For us, these people are THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.
Colleague is styled for the photos by two stylists.

... blurs the line between Beauty and Digital Work.

By deciding on putting our employees in the spotlight we were able to create a new and fresh approach to digital recruitment that sets us apart from the competition. They love working here. They love what we as a company stand for. Showcasing them, directly results from the fact that they are the best examples of what we look for in future employees. An unexpected visual and copy approach introduces the faces of our campaign, thereby helping us to here theses unique people. People that aspire to become a part of THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.